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03:10pm 13/11/2004
mood: happy

I'm dumping LiveJournal for Blogger. The stuff I can do on there is a lot easier and the service I'm using to put photos up is great. The link i : http://inthelifeofjkb.blogspot.com/

Hope to see you there!

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09:21pm 03/11/2004
mood: pleased

I know I'm not keeping this thing updated. Jeez, throw me a frikken bone, 'kay?
Aikenwho, I woke up this morning and went to school(big surprise!). I only had Japanese today which wasn't to bad, but then I got in a fight with my mom. She's bitching that I'm not working on my English paper and it's due in two weeks. Sooooo......I had to backtrack to the campus and stay for two hours to collect sources.

.......fun......I think not.

When I got home, I found out the deadline for this creative writing competition is on Friday. I'm not even half way done with my story... Yet, If I win the prize is $300. Not bad for sitting on your ass doing nothing.

Got back in the car and went to the Red Mountain campus for math. Got a 100% on my quiz(w00t!) It sucks that quizzes only make up 2% of my grade. If they counted more, I'd might actually have a good grade. Ya, well life is like that. After math, I went to Tokyo Express and got some sushi(yum) and went to church(since I'm such a holy child of God) Ya, I'm afraid of all of the new Junior High kids(make that girls) in our class now. I have the strange feeling that most of them have a crush on me. How do I know this you ask? Well, maybe there extreme urge to sit next to me and touch my leg would rule it out...Ya, not cool.

I just heard from my mom that Katie's parents grounded her cause she got in trouble with an 18 year old boy. By get in trouble, I mean that her parents walked in on her having sex with this 18 year old boy. Seriously, if that gril gets pregnant, I would laugh my ass off cause that would be no freaking surprise.

Whatever! I have to go finish writing and owrking out.

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01:54pm 12/10/2004
mood: tired

Midterms are finally over. I had my English and Japanese midterm today and my math midterm yesterday. English was so-so. Japanese was great! I managed to actually write my entire test in hiragana, katakana, and kanji. I'm happy about that since I've been struggling with katakana alot.
Miss Kristi-Ann Standage walks into the midterm 20 minutes late like she owned the place. *coughbitchcough*
Aikenwho, I get to teach the younster karate today. Pray that I don't murder one of them. A couple of them really piss me off.....but then there's the little kiss ups who I adore so much. They just listen and do what they're told. That's what I want my kid to be like. Johnathon<---Sadistic parent yupyup That's me!

I have to go finish some homework. Laterz.


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02:36pm 10/10/2004
  Alright, one more time...I swear.